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4 Best Health and Wellness Apps 2022

Health and Wellness are two of the most important ingredients in the recipe to leading your best life. They don’t simply consist of diet plans, and vigorous exercise schedules, but are a combination of factors such as mental health, and an overall healthy lifestyle that result in holistic wellbeing.

For those of us who are too busy to fully dedicate time and effort to this part of our lives, the world turning increasingly digital can be of benefit to us.

Just like you can enjoy online betting games at NetBet, from the comfort of your own home, you can also enjoy a large number of apps that revolve around wellness.

These apps come with a variety of diet plans, instructional videos, virtual trainers and scheduling tools which make your life easier. This article goes through 4 of the top rated health and Wellness apps of 2022.


Dominating the charts for years now, this app was initially known as a simple calorie tracker that could function as a food diary. However, the app doesn’t just count calories, it tracks your nutritional status by telling you how many macros (fat, carbs and proteins) are present in your meals.

It has 11 million foods in its database, which also includes a massive library of workouts. Easy to sign up to, the app can sync up to various devices and other apps to bring all your workouts to one place.

Compatible with both iOS and Android, the app is free to download. You have to pay $10/month for a premium subscription but it’s worth the ease it brings in your life.


If you’ve been feeling anxious and stressed out, Headspace is the best app on the market for you. Its in-app themes are made of monotone calming colors such as deep purples and strong pinks, which instantly induce a relaxing effect. Gwyneth Paltro and Emma Watson are big fans of it too!

The app itself has Andy Puddicombe, an ex Buddhist monk, as its lead. You only have to open the app for ten minutes a day in order to clear your head. With glowing reviews from users, it’s clear that Headspace isn’t doing any false advertising.

3.Map My Walk

This app is the brainchild of professionals at Under Armour, and aims to provide motivation for you to start walking. Research studies encourage people to walk at least 10,000 steps a day, and Map My Walk makes this goal easier.

With a community of 40 million members, the app allows you to get a detailed overview of your walk, jog or run, which includes calories burnt, routes used etc.

Free to download for both iOS and Android, and a premium membership of only $6/month, this app is a must have for anyone who is only just starting to incorporate fitness in their lives.

4.Feel Better

This app, by Deliciously Ella, is an extension of her plant-based health platform. This app boasts a holistic approach to wellness as it not only incorporates meal plans and exercise, but also focuses on your mental health.

You can do plates, cardio, stretching etc at home with the help of instructional videos. It also includes a wellness tracker and has tips on improving mindfulness and sleep.

It comes with a seven day free trial so you can decide whether you like it or not before you subscribe.

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