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Pressure point massage to Increase Vitality and Solve Sex Problems

Pressure point massage assumes an exceptionally helpful part to build imperativeness and tackle men’s sex related issues with the exception of the venereal sicknesses. The sex related issues of men are typically results from a lopsided advancement because of aggravation in sex organs. In the greater part of the cases, youthful patients between the age of 18-20 years or even mature grown-ups don’t discuss their sex issues like masturbation, emanation of semen in sensual dreams, wet dreams, untimely discharge or general sickness, and HIV/AIDS. They attempt to deceive the professionals with respect to side effects like loss of craving, cognitive decline, and early sleepiness, general weakness, or consuming sensation in the body.

In such cases underlying driver are two principle reasons – physical and mental issues. In view of these two primary reasons just sexual coexistence of men becomes dull and troubled. Men’s sex-related general issues can be summarized as follows:


The failure in men to accomplish an erection sufficient for sex. This is a typical issue of men, as per clinicians following 40 years of life each one individual out of three might be enduring Impotence. There are different explanations behind this like mental strain and stress, sluggishness, long-term ailment, utilization of liquor. Shakespeare’s doorman in Macbeth thought about the impacts of liquor when he said “drink gives the longing, however removes the presentation.” Impotence regularly prompts nervousness to ensuing inability to get an Erection. Untimely discharge is now and again fundamental to ineptitude.

Untimely Ejaculation

During the course of sex the man gets released very before long is known as untimely discharge issue. It has two classifications:

Prior to beginning the sexual exercises the man gets released just barely contacting the lady is designated “discharge risk portas”.

The second sexual exercises are begun and man gets released is designated “discharge post portas”. For this situation the man gets vexed and pitiful and the lady additionally looses her advantage in the sex. This happens as a result of sensory system issues and mental reasons.

Spermatorrhea Abnormal

Compulsory release of semen, without climax. For this situation man gets released without woman’s contact. This issue generally happens in the young.


For this situation semen is getting out previously or in the wake of passing the pee or now and again it comes out with pee and makes the sexual shortcoming in the body.

Sterility in Men

A few men complete the sex yet don’t have dynamic sperms to create child.

Misfortunes of Sexual Desire

A few men have no interest in sex because of some physical and mental issues. So they cease from sex.

Amplified Prostate Gland

This issue is found somewhat in most men over middle age. Now and again expansion causes indications by hindering the out progression of pee at the bladder neck and by causing recurrence of pee.

Illnesses of Testis

There are a few illnesses of men’s testis like expanding, agony or stores of water and so on This occurs in advanced age and furthermore by terrible dietary patterns. This can be restored with clinical expert’s treatment in addition to pressure point massage treatment.

Veneral Diseases

The reason for venereal sickness is having unprotected sex with whores or the degeneration of prostate organ, because of bacterial disease; it tends to be either intense or persistent. In the event of venereal infection, the patient would have standard or causal consuming sensation while peeing.


In case there is a delicacy or torment on the reflex marks of spleen and sex organs it shows the contamination of HIV, on the grounds that such disease influences the blood and harm the spleen. In such cases all individuals from family are to be examined by giving strain on spleen and sex reflex focuses situated at palms and sole.

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