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Why are Invisalign Better Than Metal Braces?

 Orthodontic treatments can make a world of difference for those who are looking to change their smile and adjust their crooked teeth. Braces and teeth aligners are commonly used to help people of all ages to straighten their teeth and bring their smiles back to life. The challenge for most people lies in knowing which one of the available options is best for you.

How Is Invisalign Treatment Similar to Traditional Metal Braces?

            Chetan from Sheffield dentist Mola Dental said “Invisible braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces (attached to the back of the teeth) and metal braces all work similarly in the battle for a beautiful and healthy smile.” With all these different types of braces to choose from, it helps to know how they are similar before deciding which one of the options is best for you. What do these different types of braces do?

·         Straighten Your Teeth

Braces or Invisalign were designed to gradually move teeth with gentle pressure, forcing the bone to adjust and resulting in straight, healthy teeth and mouth structure. No matter the type of orthodonticprocedure you choose, you can be assured that your teeth will be adjusted, and you will be happy with the end result. The major differences come in the process and application of these treatments.

What Makes Invisalign the Best of the Treatment Options?

            In the braces vs. Invisalign debate, there are a few factors that give Invisalign the advantage in their quest for orthodontic treatment dominance and while they have some limitations, for the most part, Invisalign is the clear winner in this fight. Why is Invisalign the best of these treatment options?

·         Virtually Invisible

Many people become self-conscious about their teeth and their smile,especially as they get older. Most people would like to have a discreet treatment that will impact their appearance as little as possible. That is where Invisalign is the clear winner. Invisalign trays are virtually invisible and are the most discreet of the orthodontic treatments available for the public.

·         Removable Trays

Eating and drinking becomes a tedious process when you are contending with wires and metal braces in your mouth. The removable trays that are the signature feature of Invisalign make eating and drinking a breeze and make oral hygiene, a key part of any orthodontic treatment plan, easier than ever. You can brush a floss easily when the trays are out and replace them, making sure to wear them for 20-22 hours a day.

·         Treatment Time

While it depends on the severity of the corrections needed, there is a chance that Invisalign may take less time than traditional metal braces. Tooth movements are caused by the pressure applied by the aligners and when worn correctly, treatment is quick and effective.

·         Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies cover Invisalign in a similar manner that they do other treatments such as metal braces, taking the burden of the cost off the shoulders of most patients. The cost of Invisalign falls in the same range, and in some cases is less than, traditional braces, making it an even better choice when you consider the fact that it will be covered in part by insurance.

·         Fewer Emergency Visits

Because trays are removable and don’t consist of metal wires, there are fewer emergency visits to the dentist because no major issues can happen with the treatment. If a tray is lost or broken, it will need to be replaced (it helps to have a spare on hand in case of this incident) but there is no need to repair a broken wire which can damage the mouth and gums.

Choosing the Best Treatment for You

            Not everyone’s needs are the same. While there are always variances in people’s treatment plans and unique factors to account for, when you look at the pros and cons of both treatments, Invisalign offers the same results more discreetly and with less hassle, making it the best of the options available for most people.

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